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Any Shovel icon.png Any Shovel
Skill(s) required:
Object(s) required:
Weight: θ


Equipping Any Shovel icon.png Any Shovel allows you to Dig icon.png Dig most biomes. The higher the tier the shovel is, the more it will reduce the time it takes to Dig and the Phlegm it costs. Additionally equipping a Shovel will allow you to Destroy icon.png Destroy Hollow Stump icon.png Hollow Stumps and Tree Stump icon.png Tree Stumps faster.

Shovel Speed Notes
Wooden Shovel icon.png Wooden Shovel Slow
Metal Shovel icon.png Metal Shovel Moderate
Steel Shovel icon.png Steel Shovel Fast
Undertaker Shovel icon.png Undertaker Shovel Fastest NOT subject to Madness Event.
WARNING! Using a Shovel with any Madness levels runs the risk of it permanently becoming an unusable Questionably Effective Shovel icon.png Questionably Effective Shovel.

How to Move a Bush

  1. Make sure you have learned the Flowers & Berries Skill.
  2. Equip Any Shovel icon.png Any Shovel, or make sure you have one in your Toolbelt.
  3. Click the on the Bush icon.png Bush you wish to move and select "Uproot". NOTE: The speed you Uproot a Bush is influenced by the type of Shovel you use and your Soil Digging Artifacts Bonus.
  4. Once you have finished Uprooting your Bush you will automatically Lift icon.png Lift it.
  5. Right-click on the ground to re-plant your Bush again.