Wrought Iron Bar

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Wrought Iron Bar icon.png Wrought Iron Bar
Skill(s) required:
Object(s) required:
Weight: 5.00 kg
Required by: Objects


WARNING! You can use Wrought Iron Bar to make Nails.

How to make Wrought Iron Bars

What You Need:

Finery Forge - All 3 pumps need to be accessed easily, so be careful when building near the Finery Forge; nothing should block a players access to the pumps as they will be used often. Should be placed near the Trip Hammer for ease.

Trip Hammer - Should be placed near the Finery Forge but not too close as players need to be able to move freely around the Finery Forge.

Players should equip the Iron Tongs BEFORE they start working with the Finery Forge, or have them in their Toolbelt.

Charcoal - Lots of charcoal. Making 6 Wrought Iron Bars requires 4 and a half to 5 entire Coal Clamps.

Step by Step:

1) Pick up all Bar of Pig Iron you want to turn into Wrought Iron Bars, equip Iron Tongs. The take all Charcoal you can carry and make sure you are not too over-encumbered because speed masters here.

2) Fill the Finery Forge and light it. Add 1 Bar of Pig Iron to Finery Forge. Note: If you have someone who can help you add more Pig Iron, but hermits are advised to do it one bar at a time. You will see 3 smoke pillars coming from Finery Forges' vents, but every so often one will stop smoking and you will then need to go to pump and use it until all 3 vents are smoking again. Keep filling the Finery Forge with Charcoal and pumping the vents until red heat bar is full at which point the progress bar of Pig Iron will start to quickly rising. Keep an eye on the Charcoal and soon your bar become a Bloom. Swap the Bloom with another Pig Iron and go to Trip Hammer.

3) Pick up your bloom and right click on the Trip Hammer to use it. Be aware that doing so drains Phlegm so have some food in your inventory. After that you will end with wrought iron.

4) Watch out for how long you let bloom sit, as if you let it sit out too long it will turn to dross.

Rise and repeat.

Some Tips:

Prepare charcoal in boxes near the Finery forge or make coal clamps near by. The Finery Forge goes through coal like candy BUT only heats up when all 3 pumps have smoke coming out (use bellows to make smoke come back after it disappear). When smoke is gone, the heat goes down quickly and iron will only turn into a bloom while heat is greater than 90%.

Using the Trip Hammer is long so while you hammer away, you can't pump the bellows, which makes the temperature drop. A way around this is to have one play man the Trip Hammer and another pump the bellows on the Finery Forge.