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Mechanic was established in Patch *Salem V.1.2.1*: Cold Shoulder)

The Temperature

  • Each Season brings a global temperature to the world of Salem.
  • The Temperature inside a house is always nice and cozy.
  • Craftable Thermoscope are used to check the temperature.


If Hypothermia starts there will show up the Debuff image Debuff Hypothermia.png with a degree value on it.

  • Early Hypothermia barely slows the player.
  • The amount the player is slowed increases the more severe the debuff gets.
  • Once the player’s body temperature drops approx 7 degrees he will no longer be able to regenerate humors.
  • Once a player’s body temperature drops 15 degrees he will begin to stop periodically and shiver/shake to raise his temperature.
  • Once a player’s temperature drops 30 degrees he will become frozen until thawed.
  • When the season changes to an everbloom a loaded ice block player is thawed out of his ice and his Hypothermia buff is removed.
  • New Help window will pop up explaining the effects of hypothermia and how to counter them the first time a character encounters the hypothermia debuff. This will then also be available in the character help screen in Paginae windows.

Thermal Factor at Clothes

  • All clothing in Salem has a Thermal factor.
  • The higher the Thermal Stat, the more insulation it provides from Hypothermia.

How to warm up

  • Wear enough clothes!
  • Go into a house till the Hypothermia Debuff is gone!
  • Wool blankets increase the body temperature of a player when they cuddle up in them.
  • Igloos provide an ability to get warm in the snow.
  • Drinking (Fish,Meat,Poultry) Broth will counter the effects of hypothermia.