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Terrain Types


Salem's world is made up of many unique terrain types or biomes. Many of these are home to unique animal and item spawns.


Plain biomes tend to be open flatland with few trees.

Grassland Grassland. Badlands Badlands. Crag Crag.


Three types of forest populate the world of Salem. These forests make for brilliant homes (or neighbors) as they are rich in mushrooms and inspirationals.

Autumnal Autumnal. Coniferous Coniferous. Shrub Shrub.


A fen is not quite a forest but not quite a grassland. There are slightly less trees in a fen than in a forest. They are a good place to find herbs like Autumn Grass and Wild Garlic.

Woodland Woodland. Marshland Marshland. Greenwood Greenwood.

Lakes and Rivers

Much of the new world is streaked with rivers, lakes, and pools of water. New characters will find they are a viable source of food via Fishing, but note that deeper water requires Swimming to cross. Also note that (currently) none of the water-based terrain types are dig-able, and that swamps are rather rare.

Water Water. Sand Sand. Swamp Swamp.


Quarries provide sources for valuable building materials. They are also good places to pick up forageables of any stone type.

Quarry Quarry. Lime Pit Lime Pit. Clay Pit Clay Pit. Snow Snow.

Terrain Oddities

Game Trail Game Trail. No image found, click to upload Dirt.