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This page is about the Houses & Buildings sub-menu of the game and will mention pages relevant to what one can find inside it.
This sub-menu can be found inside the Buildings & Structures-menu.

Other related info

The Temperature inside any building is always a warm 80, meaning if you are suffering from Hypothermia icon.png Hypothermia you can enter any building to slowly raise your Body Temperature.


Houses are buildings which must be built on Pavement, can be entered, and count as "inside" for the purpose of building other Structures and Containers. Houses can be Lock icon.png Locked to prevent unwanted entries, although houses can always be exited, even if you don't have the proper Master copy of key icon.png Key. All houses have at least 1x space for Any Stove icon.png Any Stove. Decoratives and Wallpapers can be hung inside.

Building Floors Floor Size Stoves
Brick Townhouse icon.png Brick Townhouse 2 88 Tiles x2 2
Farmer's House icon.png Farmer's House 1 36 Tiles 1
Pilgrim's Hovel icon.png Pilgrim's Hovel 1 16 Tiles 1
Townhouse icon.png Townhouse 2 54‬ Tiles x2 1

Specialized Buildings

Specialized Buildings are buildings which generally must be built on Pavement and can be entered and but don't always not count as "inside". Generally these buildings can be Lock icon.png Locked.

Building Require Pavement? Inside? Floors Floor Size Primary Purpose Unique Structures Lockable?
Barn icon.png Barn No Yes 1 816 Tiles Housing Domesticated Animals Barn Stall icon.png Barn Stall Yes
Crypt icon.png Crypt No Yes 1 18 Tiles Inheritance Yes
Igloo icon.png Igloo No No 1 20 Tiles Hypothermia avoidance ???
Mine Entrance icon.png Mine Entrance Yes No up to 8 Mining Mine Support icon.png Mine Support, Miner's Support Beam icon.png Miner's Support Beam No
Town Church icon.png Town Church Yes ??? 1 63 Tiles Pushing back the Darkness Bench icon.png Bench Yes
Windmill icon.png Windmill Yes Yes 3 64, 42, 16 Tiles Milling Flour Yes