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A pilgrim’s Body Temperature generally sits a healthy 98 degrees. Hypothermia icon.png Hypothermia begins to set in as soon as your Body Temperature reaches 97, and, if left unchecked, will result in you becoming completely Frozen.

At first Hypothermia will not impact you very much, but as your body Temperature drops more, the stronger the Hypothermia will become. The stronger the Hypothermia the more your movement will be slowed. If your Body Temperature drops to 93 you will no longer be able to regenerate Humours. If your Body Temperature reaches 85 you will stop periodically as you shiver and shake, causing you to be momentarily Stunned icon.png Stunned. Finally, if your Body Temperature hits to 67 degrees you will become Frozen.

Snow Exploration

Snow icon.png Snow is very cold so walking on it will rapidly decease your Body Temperature, which can quickly cause Hypothermia icon.png Hypothermia to set in. A pilgrim's regular set of Clothing will probably not be enough to protect them during Snow exploration. Make sure to never walk on the Snow without Shoes and make sure to carry some alternative methods of raising your Body Temperature. Alternatively you can build an Igloo icon.png Igloo, entering which will slowly warm you up.

How to Avoid Hypothermia

1. Dress Warm

Each item of has a Thermal Value. This number refers to how warm that item is. This number can be seen in in the lower right-hand of the item. Pilgrims come to the New World with only Priestly Robes icon.png Priestly Robes which has a Thermal Value of 10.

2. Drink Some Broth

Drinking Fish Broth icon.png Fish Broth, Meat Broth icon.png Meat Broth, Poultry Broth icon.png Poultry Broth will raise your Body Temperature. Place a Any Fish icon.png Any Fish, Any Raw Meat Cut icon.png Any Raw Meat Cut, or Plucked Wild Turkey icon.png Plucked Wild Turkey into a Clay Pot icon.png Clay Pot on a lit Fireplace icon.png Fireplace. Right-click the Clay Pot with your Broth onto a Drinking Vessel, such as a Barkcup icon.png Barkcup, and equip it to your left hand slot. Right-click your equipped Barkcup and select "Sip". Each Sip will raise your Body Temperature by 3 to 4 degrees.

3. Warm Up Inside a Building

The Temperature inside any Building is always a warm 80, meaning if you are suffering from Hypothermia you can enter any Building to slowly raise your Body Temperature. While you can warm up in Buildings you’ve built, the easiest solution is to travel ... to Providence icon.png ... to Providence and enter one on the open Buildings.

4. Using a Wool Blanket

Right-clicking a Wool Blanket icon.png Wool Blanket and selecting "Cuddle-Up" will instantly raise your Body Temperature.

5. Carry a Heated Stone

Stone icon.png Any Stone can be baked in a Fireplace icon.png Fireplace to make Heated Stone icon.png Heated Stone. Carrying a Heated Stone in your inventory will raise your Body Temperature.

Using Fire to Raise Body Temperature

Fire icon.png Fire, when used properly, can raise your Body Temperature and contract the effects of Hypothermia icon.png Hypothermia. Holding or standing near specific sources of Fire will, once every 30 seconds, increase your Body Temperature.

Fire Source Action
Fireplace icon.png Fireplace Stand Near
Flaming Pinecone icon.png Flaming Pinecone Hold
Pile of Wood icon.png Pile of Wood Stand Near
Torch icon.png Torch Hold

Being Frozen

WARNING! Once your Body Temperature hits to 70 degrees you will become Frozen in a block of ice.

To become unfrozen another pilgrim will have to defrost you by right-clicking you with a Source of Fire icon.png Fire such as a Tinder Drill icon.png Tinder Drill or a lit Torch icon.png Torch.