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Pave icon.png Pave
Skill(s) required:
Object(s) required:


Using the Pave icon.png Pave action will use your most recently added or moved Paving Material to Pave a 1x1 area of the ground. Many Structures require Pavement beneath them before being built. Forageables and Creatures will not spawn on Paved areas and unlike Dirt icon.png Dirt, Biomes will not regrow over Paved areas and therefore pavement can be used to direct the regrowth of Biomes. Bush icon.png Bushes, Tree icon.png Trees, and Till Field icon.png Tilled Fields cannot be planted on Pavement however, Pavement can be placed underneath a Tilled Field after they have been planted.

Paving Materials

CAUTION: Many Pavement Materials such as Brick icon.png Brick, Clay icon.png Clay, and Stone icon.png Stone have other rare Inspirationals that also count for as theses materials. When Paving, put these items away, or make sure the correct item is selected.

Bone Paving

Bone Pavement
Bone Paving.png
Darkenbone icon.png Darkenbone Darkenbone Paving.png

Brick Paving

Brick Pavement
Brick Paving.png
Brick of Fallen Babel icon.png Brick of Fallen Babel File:Babel Paving.png
Brick of Fallen Jericho icon.png Brick of Fallen Jericho File:Jericho Paving.png
Brick of Fallen Gomorrah icon.png Brick of Fallen Gomorrah Gomorrah Paving.png
Brick of Fallen Sodom icon.png Brick of Fallen Sodom Sodom Paving.png
Gold Brick of Biddas icon.png Gold Brick of Biddas Gold Paving.png

Stone Paving

Stone Pavement
Stone Paving.png
Dross Paving.png
Granite icon.png Granite Granite Paving.png
Gneiss icon.png Gneiss Gneiss Paving.png
Sterling Geode icon.png Sterling Geode Geode Paving.png


Gemstone Pavement
Fractured Gemstone icon.png Fractured Gemstone Gem Paving.png
Starburst-Cut Andalusite icon.png Starburst-Cut Andalusite Starburst-Cut Andalusite Paving.png
Starburst-Cut Dravite icon.png Starburst-Cut Dravite Starburst-Cut Dravite Paving.png
Starburst-Cut Phosphophyllite icon.png Starburst-Cut Phosphophyllite Starburst-Cut Phosphophyllite Paving.png
Starburst-Cut Rhodolite icon.png Starburst-Cut Rhodolite File:Starburst-Cut Rhodolite Paving.png
Starburst-Cut Rubellite icon.png Starburst-Cut Rubellite File:Starburst-Cut Rubellite Paving.png
Starburst-Cut Uvarovite icon.png Starburst-Cut Uvarovite Starburst-Cut Uvarovite Paving.png

Other Paving

Item Pavement
Clay Paving.png
Hay icon.png Hay Hay Paving.png
Mysterious Lillypad icon.png Mysterious Lillypad Lillypad Paving.png

Game Menu
Adventure (V) ⇒Pave (P)