A Side of Venison

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A Side of Venison icon.png A Side of Venison
Skill(s) required:
Object(s) required:
Weight: 0.50
Blood Phlegm Yellow Black
Heal: 11 11 31 11
Heal Uses: 1
Blood Phlegm Yellow Black
Gluttony Min: 26 26 26 26
Gluttony Max: 28 28 28 28
Full and Fed Up for: 0:30
Food Groups: Game Meat icon.pngGame Meat
ReducesGame Meat icon.pngGame Meat by 20% with 40% chance
Variable Game Meat Gluttony Values:
Blood Phlegm Yellow Black
Bear Min: 40.3 13 13 13
Bear Max: 43.4 14 14 14
Timber Rattler Min: 32.5 13 13 13
Timber Rattler Max: 35 14 14 14
Cougar Min: 13 37.7 13 13
Cougar Max: 14 40.6 14 14
Rabbit Min: 13 32.5 13 13
Rabbit Max: 14 35 14 14
Deer Min: 13 13 37.7 13
Deer Max: 14 14 40.6 14
Squirrel Min: 13 13 29.9 13
Squirrel Max: 14 14 32.2 14
Beaver Min: 13 13 13 35.1
Beaver Max: 14 14 14 37.8


A Side of Venison icon.png A Side of Venison must be cooked over a source of Fire icon.png Fire such as a lit Fireplace icon.png Fireplace or Pile of Wood icon.png Pile of Wood. Cooking things over a Fire lowers your Insanity a little and has a chance to give you a Gelatinous Lard icon.png Gelatinous Lard.

Any Raw Meat Cut As a Variable Ingredient

When a single type is used as a variable ingredient in recipes Any Raw Meat Cut icon.png Any Raw Meat Cut gives a Restore Bonus based on what Creature it was Butchered from.

Animal Restores
Raw Bear Cut icon.png Raw Bear Cut Fishes icon.png Fishes Food Group by 5% with a 90%
Raw Beaver Cut icon.png Raw Beaver Cut Crustacea and Shellfish icon.png Crustacea and Shellfish Food Group by 5% with a 90%
Raw Cougar Cut icon.png Raw Cougar Cut Poultry icon.png Poultry Food Group by 5% with a 90%
Raw Rabbit Cut icon.png Raw Rabbit Cut Vegetables and Greens icon.png Vegetables and Greens Food Group by 5% with a 90% chance
Raw Squirrel Cut icon.png Raw Squirrel Cut Nuts and Seeds icon.png Nuts and Seeds Food Group by 5% with a 90%
Raw Timber Rattler Cut icon.png Raw Timber Rattler Cut Slugs Bugs and Kritters icon.png Slugs Bugs and Kritters Food Group by 15% with a 90% chance
Raw Venison Cut icon.png Raw Venison Cut Maize icon.png Maize Food Group by 5% with a 90% chance

Game Menu
Craft (C) ⇒Food (F) ⇒Game Meats (G) ⇒A Side of Venison (E)