Pile of Wood

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Pile of Wood icon.png Pile of Wood
Skill(s) required:
Size: 1x1
Object(s) required:
Needs lighting?: Yes
Liftable?: No
Repaired with: Branch
Required by:
Required by: None


A Pile of Wood icon.png Pile of Wood is an Ignitable Structure used to Cook Food or soften Hard Rock within a Mine Entrance icon.png Mine Entrance. A Pile of Wood is also a Secondary Source of Fire, so items such as a Torch icon.png Torch can be lit from it. A Pile of Wood will burn for about 2x hours, once it has finished burning it will completely disappear. Standing next to a lit Fireplace will raise your Body Temperature and help prevent Hypothermia icon.png Hypothermia. Food cooked over a source of Fire lowers your Insanity a little and has a chance to give you a Gelatinous Lard icon.png Gelatinous Lard.

Game Menu
Build (B) ⇒Pile of Wood (P)