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Flask icon.png Flask
Skill(s) required:
Object(s) required:
Weight: unknown


A Flask icon.png Flask is a Drinking Vessel used to gather and store store up 1 liter of any liquid. This Vessel can be equipped to the left hand slot and used to Drink and Sip liquids.

Drinking Vessels

A Drinking Vessel can be filled with Consumable Liquids. There are currently 3 different Drinking Vessels in the New World; Barkcup icon.png Barkcups which can hold .2 liters, Flask icon.png Flasks which can hold 1 liter, and Goat Horn icon.png Goat Horns which hold up to 1.5 liters. Drinking Vessels can be equipped to the left hand slot and used to Drink or Sip consumable liquids.

Right clicking on an equipped Drinking Vessel will give you the option to either Sip, Drink, or Empty. Choosing Sip will take one pull off the Vessel, reducing the amount by .10 liters. Choosing the Drink option will cause you to Sip over and over again until the action is interrupted or the Vessel is empty. Choosing Empty will dump the entire contents of the Drinking Vessel.

Consumable Liquids

Berry Juice icon.png Berry Juice Black Tea icon.png Black Tea Blood of Argopelter icon.png Blood of Argopelter Blood of Bear icon.png Blood of Bear
Blood of Turkey icon.png Blood of Turkey Fish Broth icon.png Fish Broth Glacier Water icon.png Glacier Water Green Tea icon.png Green Tea
Honey icon.png Honey Meat Broth icon.png Meat Broth Milk icon.png Milk Poultry Broth icon.png Poultry Broth
Raw Egg Yolks icon.png Raw Egg Yolks Potable Water icon.png Potable Water White Tea icon.png White Tea Whey icon.png Whey
Willowbark Tonic icon.png Willowbark Tonic Yellow Tea icon.png Yellow Tea


To fill a Vessel with Potable Water, click it to pick it up from your inventory and right-click The Shallows icon.png The Shallows. Note: Do not left-click otherwise you will lose your Vessel!

To fill or empty your Vessel into a Barrel icon.png Barrel, Press icon.png Press, or another Vessel, select it from your inventory and right-click the other Vessel. You can get rid of the contents of a Vessel by right-clicking it and selecting "Empty". An empty Vessel, or one containing the same liquid must be in your inventory when Draining any Animal Hearts, Honeycomb icon.png Honeycomb, Leech icon.png Leeches, Cracking Any Poultry Egg icon.png Any Poultry Egg, or Melting Packed Snow icon.png Packed Snow otherwise the liquid will be lost. Liquids of the same type can be combined so long as there is room in the Vessel, but generally, liquids of differing types cannot.

Other Vessels

Vessel Holds Notes
Glass Vial icon.png Glass Vial 0.1 liters Can be placed inside a Steam Distiller
Barkcup icon.png Barkcup .2 liters Can be equipped to Drink or Sip.
Flask icon.png Flask 1 liter Can be equipped to Drink or Sip.
Goat Horn icon.png Goat Horn 1.5 liters Can be equipped to Drink or Sip.
Clay Pot icon.png Clay Pot 5 liters Can be placed on a Fireplace to boil.
Copper Pot icon.png Copper Pot 10 liters Can be placed on a Fireplace to boil.
Bucket icon.png Bucket 10 liters
Pale icon.png Pale 15 liters
Press icon.png Press 25 liters Can both produce and store Vegetable Oils.
Barrel icon.png Barrel 100 liters Can store either liquids or powders.
Big Barrel icon.png Big Barrel 500 liters Can store either liquids or powders.
Water Tower icon.png Water Tower 20,000 liters Can only hold Potable Water.