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Leather icon.png Leather
Skill(s) required:
Object(s) required:
Weight: unknown
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Leather icon.png Leather can be sold to the Vendor Stalls in Providence for 12x Silver Pieces icon.png Silver Pieces. Leather can be stored in a Stockbin icon.png Stockbin.

How to Make Leather

  1. The most effective way to make Tanning Fluid icon.png Tanning Fluid is by selecting a Brain icon.png Brain and right-clicking it onto a Vessel of Potable Water icon.png Potable Water. If a Bucket icon.png Bucket was used this will make 10 liters of Tanning Fluid with a 5% concentration. Tanning Fluid can also be made by boiling Birch Bark icon.png Birch Bark in a Clay Pot icon.png Clay Pot or Copper Pot icon.png Copper Pot although you should boil enough that the concentration is at least 5%.
  2. Place up to 4x Limed Hide icon.png Limed Hides into your Tanning Tub icon.png Tanning Tub.
  3. Select a Vessel of Tanning Fluid and right-click it on your Tanning Tub. 10 liters of 5% concentrated Tanning Fluid is required for each Limed Hide.
  4. Wait - as your Limed Hide begins to tan its progress bar will go up.
  5. Each time a Limed Hide's progress bar reaches 100% it consumes 10 liters of Tanning Fluid and is converted into Leather icon.png Leather and very rarely Fine Leather icon.png Fine Leather. There's a chance of your Limed Hide becoming a Foetid Ooze icon.png Foetid Ooze instead, if that happens the Tanning Fluid will not be consumed.

Types of Leather

Some Leathers count as other types of Leathers so if you have more than one type in your Inventory be careful to have the one you wish to use, selected when crafting items.

Leather Type Counts As:
Leather icon.png Leather Leather icon.png Leather
Studded Leather icon.png Studded Leather Studded Leather icon.png Studded Leather
Fine Leather icon.png Fine Leather
Lambskin icon.png Lambskin Fine Leather icon.png Fine Leather