Autumn Grass

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Autumn Grass icon.png Autumn Grass
Where found:
Weight: 0.02
Required by: Objects
Alternative Acquisition:
Object(s) Required:


Autumn Grass is found growing abundantly throughout in the wilderness of the New World, especially the in the Grassland icon.png Grassland biome. Additionally, with the Gardening Skill learned, Autumn Grass can be grown by planting another Autumn Grass icon.png Autumn Grass in a Gardening Pot icon.png Gardening Pot, or found by chance when Rummaging through an Abandoned Bird's Nest icon.png Abandoned Bird's Nest. Planting in Gardening Pots lowers Insanity. Autumn Grass can be placed on a Hay Stack icon.png Hay Stack to fill it by 2.5 points and counts as Any Tinder icon.png Any Tinder in recipes.