Roasted Meat

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Roasted Meat icon.png Roasted Meat
Skill(s) required:
Object(s) required:
Weight: unknown


Roasted Meat icon.png Roasted Meat is obtained when Roasting Any Raw Meat Cut icon.png Any Raw Meat Cut, Any Raw Steak icon.png Any Raw Steak, or Meat Shreds icon.png Meat Shreds over a source of Fire icon.png Fire such as a lit Fireplace icon.png Fireplace or Pile of Wood icon.png Pile of Wood. Cooking things over a Fire lowers your Insanity a little and has a chance to give you a Gelatinous Lard icon.png Gelatinous Lard.

Raw Meat Roasted Meat
Meat Shreds icon.png Meat Shreds Charred Something icon.png Charred Something
Raw Bear Cut icon.png Raw Bear Cut Roasted Bear Cut icon.png Roasted Bear Cut
Raw Bear Steak icon.png Raw Bear Steak Roasted Bear Steak icon.png Roasted Bear Steak
Raw Beaver Cut icon.png Raw Beaver Cut Roasted Beaver Cut icon.png Roasted Beaver Cut
Raw Beaver Steak icon.png Raw Beaver Steak Roasted Beaver Steak icon.png Roasted Beaver Steak
Raw Beef Cut icon.png Raw Beef Cut Roasted Beef Cut icon.png Roasted Beef Cut
Raw Beef Steak icon.png Raw Beef Steak Roasted Beef Steak icon.png Roasted Beef Steak
Raw Chevon Cut icon.png Raw Chevon Cut Roasted Chevon Cut icon.png Roasted Chevon Cut
Raw Chevon Steak icon.png Raw Chevon Steak Roasted Chevon Steak icon.png Roasted Chevon Steak
Raw Cougar Cut icon.png Raw Cougar Cut Roasted Cougar Cut icon.png Roasted Cougar Cut
Raw Cougar Steak icon.png Raw Cougar Steak Roasted Cougar Steak icon.png Roasted Cougar Steak
Raw Mutton Cut icon.png Raw Mutton Cut Roasted Mutton Cut icon.png Roasted Mutton Cut
Raw Mutton Steak icon.png Raw Mutton Steak Roasted Mutton Steak icon.png Roasted Mutton Steak
Raw Pork Cut icon.png Raw Pork Cut Roasted Pork Cut icon.png Roasted Pork Cut
Raw Pork Steak icon.png Raw Pork Steak Roasted Pork Steak icon.png Roasted Pork Steak
Raw Rabbit Cut icon.png Raw Rabbit Cut Roasted Rabbit Cut icon.png Roasted Rabbit Cut
Raw Rabbit Steak icon.png Raw Rabbit Steak Roasted Rabbit Steak icon.png Roasted Rabbit Steak
Raw Squirrel Cut icon.png Raw Squirrel Cut Roasted Squirrel Cut icon.png Roasted Squirrel Cut
Raw Timber Rattler Cut icon.png Raw Timber Rattler Cut Roasted Timber Rattler Cut icon.png Roasted Timber Rattler Cut
Raw Timber Rattler Steak icon.png Raw Timber Rattler Steak Roasted Timber Rattler Steak icon.png Roasted Timber Rattler Steak
Raw Venison Cut icon.png Raw Venison Cut Roasted Venison Cut icon.png Roasted Venison Cut
Raw Venison Steak icon.png Raw Venison Steak Roasted Venison Steak icon.png Roasted Venison Steak

Meat and Knife Purity

A Knife will take on the Purity of the Bar of Pig Iron icon.png Bar of Pig Iron used to make its Knife Blade icon.png Knife Blade. The Purity of your Knife will transfer directly onto the Meat you receive when Butchering a Creature while your Knife is equipped.

Game Menu
Craft (C) ⇒Food (F) ⇒Game Meats (G) ⇒Roasted Meat (R)