Raw Cougar Steak

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Raw Cougar Steak icon.png Raw Cougar Steak
Skill(s) required:
Object(s) required:
Weight: 0.50
Alternative Acquisition:
Object(s) Required:


A Raw Cougar Steak icon.png Raw Cougar Steak is received when Butchering a Cougar icon.png Cougar, or when Slicing a Raw Cougar Slab icon.png Raw Cougar Slab. A Roasted Cougar Steak icon.png Roasted Cougar Steak is obtained when using a Raw Cougar Steak with the Roasted Meat icon.png Roasted Meat recipe. Any Raw Steak icon.png Any Raw Steak can be split into 2x Any Raw Meat Cut icon.png Any Raw Meat Cuts by right-clicking the Raw Meat Steak and selecting "Slice", or boiled in a Clay Pot icon.png Clay Pot or Copper Pot icon.png Copper Pot to make Meat Broth icon.png Meat Broth. A Raw Cougar Steak restores the Poultry icon.png Poultry Food Group by 5% with a 90% chance when used as Any Raw Steak in a Food recipe.