Dehydrated Cranberry

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Dehydrated Cranberry icon.png Dehydrated Cranberry
Skill(s) required:
Object(s) required:
Weight: 0.05
Blood Phlegm Yellow Black
Heal: 0 0 0 0
Heal Uses: 1
Blood Phlegm Yellow Black
Gluttony Min: 1 0 0 0
Gluttony Max: 28 0 0 0
Full and Fed Up for: 0:06
Food Groups: Berries icon.pngBerries
ReducesBerries icon.pngBerries by 10% with 10% chance


A Dehydrated Cranberry icon.png Dehydrated Cranberry is received when Dehydrating a Cranberry icon.png Cranberry for 1 hour in a Steam Distiller icon.png Steam Distiller. A Dehydrated Cranberry will disappear if not removed from your Steam Distiller within 30 minutes. A Dehydrated Cranberry can be stored a Berry Sack icon.png Berry Sack.

How to Dehydrate

  1. With the Steam Distillation Skill learned, open your Alchemy Table icon.png Alchemy Table.
  2. Place up to 5x Steam Distiller icon.png Steam Distillers inside your Alchemy Table.
  3. Open each Steam Distiller.
  4. Inside each Steam Distiller place a Glass Vial icon.png Glass Vial and your Dehydrate-able item.
  5. After the specified amount of time, your Glass Vial will be filled with .01 liters of the appropriate liquid and your item replaced with a Dehydrated version.

NOTE: While your liquid will remain, Dehydrated items will eventually disappear if not removed from the Steam Distiller.