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Testicles icon.png Testicles
Skill(s) required:
Object(s) required:
Weight: 0.25
Required by: Objects
Alternative Acquisition:
Object(s) Required:
Alternative Acquisition:
Object(s) Required:
Alternative Acquisition:
Object(s) Required:


Testicles icon.png Testicles are received when right-clicking any male Domesticated Animal with a pair of Any Scissors icon.png Any Scissorss equipped and selecting "Castrate". Castrating an animal will permanently prevent that animal from Mating. Castrating an animal will initially raise that animal's Temperament by a moderate amount, however it will also allows that animal's Temperament to slowly decrease over time. Roasted Testicles icon.png Roasted Testicles are obtained when crafting Roasted Nuts icon.png Roasted Nuts using Testicles over a source of Fire icon.png Fire. Testicles can be stored in a NutSack icon.png NutSack. When Porcupine Spines icon.png Porcupine Spines are right-clicked on Testicles, they can be used as an Drug to inject yourself, or another pilgrim, with Ballocks icon.png Ballocks.