Argopelter Egg

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Argopelter Egg icon.png Argopelter Egg
Skill(s) required:
Object(s) required:
Weight: 1.30


1-2x Argopelter Egg icon.png Argopelter Eggs are obtained by chance when Butchering an Argopelter icon.png Argopelter. The chance of receiving this item increases once you've learned the Viscera & Bits Skill. An Argopelter Egg restores the Domesticated Meat icon.png Domesticated Meat Food Group by 15% with a 85% chance when used as Any Poultry Egg icon.png Any Poultry Egg in a Food recipe. Additionally an Argopelter Egg can be boiled in a Clay Pot icon.png Clay Pot, or Copper Pot icon.png Copper Pot, or Cauldron icon.png Cauldron to make a Hardboiled Egg icon.png Hardboiled Egg. An Argopelter Egg can be stored in an Egg Basket icon.png Egg Basket.

Raw Egg Yolks

Right-clicking on Any Poultry Egg icon.png Any Poultry Egg and selecting "Crack Shell" will give you Raw Egg Yolks icon.png Raw Egg Yolks and an Egg Shell icon.png Egg Shell. An empty Vessel, or one already containing Raw Egg Yolks, must be in your Inventory when Cracking Any Poultry Egg, otherwise the Raw Egg Yolks will be lost. When cracked, an Argopelter Egg yields .60 liters of Raw Egg Yolks.