Milkweed Jute

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Milkweed Jute icon.png Milkweed Jute
Skill(s) required:
Object(s) required:
Weight: 0.02
Required by: Objects

How to Make Milkweed Jute

  1. Place your Milkweed Roots icon.png Milkweed Roots in a lit Fireplace icon.png Fireplace.
  2. Wait about 60 seconds and your Milkweed Roots will become Charred Milkweed Fibre icon.png Charred Milkweed Fibre.
  3. Soak your Charred Milkweed Fibre by right-clicking into on The Shallows icon.png The Shallows, or by selecting a Vessel filled with at least 1 liter of Potable Water icon.png Potable Water and righting-clicking it on the Charred Milkweed Fibre. When washing Charred Milkweed Fibre, there is a chance of producing a Precious Soot-Flake icon.png Precious Soot-Flake.

Milkweed Jute icon.png Milkweed Jute is one of the only Fibre icon.png Fibres with Purity. Milkweed Jute's Purity is determined by Gardening Purity and influences the Purity of Fibre Netting icon.png Fibre Netting made from it.