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Menu Button Attacks.png About

This page is about the Attacks sub-menu of the game and will mention pages relevant to what one can find inside it.
This sub-menu can be found inside the Combat-menu.

Other related info

Attack Moves

Attack Attack Type Cost Damage Added Affects
Bullrun icon.png Bullrun Concussive 2% Current Yellow Bile Slight Blood Applies Stunned icon.png Stunned
Cleave icon.png Cleave Impact Yellow Bile Blood Damage. AOE
Club icon.png Club Blunt Yellow Bile Blood Interrupt. applies Stunned icon.png Stunned.
Leap At icon.png Leap At Concussive Phlegm and Yellow Bile Slight Blood Applies Stunned icon.png Stunned
Leg Sweep icon.png Leg Sweep Impact Yellow Bile Phlegm and slight Blood AOE, Interrupt, applies Snared icon.png Snared.
Killing Blow icon.png Killing Blow  ???  ??? Slight Blood Permanent Death if at 0.
Punch icon.png Punch Blunt Moderate Yellow Bile Blood Interrupt, Applies Reel icon.png Reel
Roundhouse Kick icon.png Roundhouse Kick Impact Slight Yellow Bile Blood Damage
Shoot icon.png Shoot N/A Black Bile High Blood Applies Snared icon.png Snared.
Stomp icon.png Stomp Concussive Yellow Bile Blood AOE, Applies Stunned icon.png Stunned.
Thrust icon.png Thrust Piercing Yellow Bile High Blood
Uppercut icon.png Uppercut Blunt Yellow Bile Blood Damage scales with Reel icon.png Reel.