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This page is about the Table & Chairs sub-menu of the game and will mention pages relevant to what one can find inside it.
This sub-menu can be found inside the Furniture-menu.


Sitting in a Chair will increase the speed you heal from a Fracture icon.png Fracture and will recover Yellow Bile every 3 seconds based on the quality of the Chair.

Chair YB Additional Effects Notes
Bone Throne icon.png Bone Throne .5 Display's Pilgrim's Skull icon.png Pilgrim's Skull's name.
Classic Sofa icon.png Classic Sofa 1.2 Gain Inspiration. Store bought.
Legendary Thread icon.png Legendary Thread 1.0 Legacy
Old Style Chair icon.png Old Style Chair .5
Simple Chair icon.png Simple Chair .1
Red Throne icon.png Red Throne 1.5 Store bought.
Rocking Chair icon.png Rocking Chair 1.5 Store bought.
Shroom Chair icon.png Shroom Chair .5
Shroom Stool icon.png Shroom Stool .5


While Containers typically close when starting a Gluttony session Tables will not, allowing you to eat foods stored inside.

Table Spaces
Bone Table icon.png Bone Table 64
Feasting Table icon.png Feasting Table 160
Makeshift Table icon.png Makeshift Table 4
Old Style Table icon.png Old Style Table 64
Shroom Table icon.png Shroom Table 100
Simple Table icon.png Simple Table 25

Furniture Sets

Bone Set

Part of the Bone Furniture Set, which includes:

Old Style Set

Part of the Old Style Furniture Set, which includes:

Shroom Set

Part of the Shroom Furniture Set, which includes:

Simple Set

Part of the Simple Furniture Set, which includes: