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There are only two ways in which a pilgrim can raise their Humours; Cravings or Gluttony. While Cravings are limited to a small gain, Gluttony, also known as Feasting, is only limited by the resources you have available to you, your Encumbrance, and your ability as a chef.

Starting a Gluttony Session

The option to start a Gluttony Session is only available to you so long as you have no Full and Fed Up icon.png Full and Fed Up debuff. This is mostly clearly indicated by the presence of two forks directly underneath your Humour bars. Clicking these forks will start a Gluttony Session and change your pointer to a fork as well and will change your Humour bars to appear empty. Moving at all will cancel your Gluttony Session, if any Food at all was consumed during your Gluttony Session you will generally have to wait until your Full and Fed Up debuff goes away before you can start a new session. Tables are the only Container which can be opened during a Gluttony Session.

Consuming Food During A Gluttony Session

Clicking your mouse pointer, now a fork, on any Food during a Gluttony Session will consume that Food. Consuming a Food during a Gluttony Session will do a number of things:

  • First it will begin to fill your now empty Humour bars. The amount filled for each Bile will start as a value between the low end and high end of the Gluttony Values ranges listed on each Food determined by chance. This value will be lowered whenever the efficiency of the Food Group that Food is in, falls below 100%. Anytime a Humour Bar is completely filled in excess you will gain 1 point in that Bile and all your bars will empty so you can begin again. The amount needed to fill a Humor bar is equal to the amount of the ‘’’HIGHEST’’’ Bile you have. For instance if your highest Bile is Yellow Bile and you have 100 points but you only have 50 points in Blood you will still have to fill your Blood Humour bar to at least 100.1 points to gain a point in Blood. For this reason it is generally recommend that pilgrims keep their Bille relatively equal. If consuming a Food causes more than one Humour bar to be filled, one of those Biles will be randomly chosen to be increased.
  • Secondly most Foods will reduce the efficiency of all other Foods in the same Food Group when they are consumed. The amount of reduction and the chance of it this happening is listed on each Food as the Reduces values. Whenever a Food Group drops below 100% that Food Group and its remaining efficiency will be displayed on the screen. The amount added to your Humour Bars when a Food is consumed during a Gluttony session is multiplied by the efficiency of its Food Group. For example if you would have normally filled your Humour Bar by 100 points but your efficiency is at 75% you will only fill your bar by 75 points. Efficiency can be increased back to 100% by consuming Food with a Restore value. It is not incorrect to consume Food at less 100% efficiency and will be determined primarily by your own preferences and your access to Restore Foods. However, a good chef knows to think twice about consuming Food at less than 50% efficiency as it will probably not be worth it.
  • Thirdly some Foods will restore the the efficiency of all other Foods in the same Food Group when they are consumed. The amount of restoration and the chance of it this happening is listed on each Food as the Restores values. The efficiency of a Food Group cannot be raised above 100%. A good chef will prepare the appropriate Restore Foods ahead of time to mix into their Gluttony Sessions if they have the raw ingredients available to them.
  • Lastly each Food consumed will add time to your Full and Fed Up debuff and your Gluttony Session Points.

Full and Fed Up

Full and Fed Up icon.png Full and Fed Up is a debuff that represents the time it takes you to digest all the Food you consumed during your Gluttony Session and you cannot begin a new Session until your Full and Fed Up debuff goes away. Each Food has a Full and Fed Up time listed on it, and while that time can be useful for evaluating Foods the actual time added to your Full and Fed Up debuff will generally be lower than this number. The actual time added depends on how many points of Biles you’ve gained during your Gluttony Session. The equation for this is fn = (2n + 1)/2n+1 however knowing this is not important and the general take away is that the more Biles you have gained the less of the Full and Fed Up time listed on the Food you will actually gain although your Full and Fed Up will always continue to rise. Additionally for every 3 Biles you gain your Full and Fed Up debuff will be lowered by an amount determined by your Sugar & Spice icon.png Sugar & Spice Proficiency and chance. Occasionally at very low Biles you this bonus reduction will drop your Full and Fed Up to 0 and will end your Gluttony Session allowing you to start again. The amount of time remaining on you Full and Fed Up debuff will be listed on its icon.

Purgative Potions

Right-clicking a Purgative Potion and selecting "Gulp" will consume one of its uses and instantly remove a certain amount time from your Full and Fed Up icon.png Full and Fed Up debuff. Each Gulp adds 10 to your Quaffed & Quenched icon.png Quaffed & Quenched debuff.

Potion Removed per Gulp
Berrymash Purgative icon.png Berrymash Purgative 2 hours
Pulpish Purgative icon.png Pulpish Purgative 4 hours

Gluttony Session Points

Each time a Bile is raised during a Gluttony Session you will be awarded a certain amount of Gluttony Session Points. Gluttony Session Points are awarded based on your Humours. For instance if you already have 10 Blood and you increase your Blood by 1 point you will be awarded 11 Gluttony Session Points, if you then went on to raise your Blood again you would be given 12 Gluttony Session Points for a total of 23 points and so on. Your Gluttony Session Points are also listed on your Full and Fed Up debuff. Other than managing your Quenched and Quaffed it is typically not very important to pay close attention to your Gluttony Session Points. Right-clicking on Jordan Gramsey in Providence and selecting “Share Dining Experience” while you have a Full and Fed Up icon.png Full and Fed Up debuff will cause Jordan Gramsey to rate your Gluttony Session Points. If your points are high enough he will put you on his Top Ten Dining Experiences list and award you an Absurdly Large Cookie icon.png Absurdly Large Cookie. If not, he will probably insult you. After Drinking any Liquid you will receive a Quaffed & Quenched icon.png Quaffed & Quenched debuff. Each Sip adds 10 to the debuff. Once you reach your max Quaffed & Quenched you will not be able to Drink anymore. Your max Quaffed & Quenched scales with your max Phlegm. Your Quaffed & Quenched debuff will not decrease with time, but rather must be reduced through Gluttony. Each time you are awarded Gluttony Session Points after gaining a point in any Bile during a Gluttony Session your Quaffed & Quenched debuff will also be reduced by the same amount For example, a Gluttony Session resulting in 250 Gluttony Session Points will reduce your Quaffed & Quenched debuff by 250. For this reason it is necessary to manage Food and Drink carefully, especially at low Humours when Gluttony Sessions tend to be smaller.

Gluttony Bonuses

Gobble Points

Each time you gain points in any Bile during a Gluttony Session you will also gain a Gobble Point. Your Gobble Points for your Gluttony Session are listed below your Humour Bars and above your Food Group efficiency reductions. This number is not always equal to the total number of Bile points you have gained.

Feasting Artifacts

Starting at 10 points, each time you gain a Gobble Point, if your Feasting Bonus is equal to or greater than 100 + the Gooble Point, you will receive extra points to the Humour you just raised. For example if you have a 150 Feasting Bonus you will receive an extra Humour point for every Gobble Point between 10 and 15.

Gobble Points Feasting Bonus Needed Bonus Points to Humours
11 - 29 110 - 290 1
30 - 59 291 - 590 2
60+ 591+ 3

Variable Recipes

Most raw ingredients emphasize a single Bile. When one of these ingredients is used in a recipe the resulting Food will get a bonus in that Bile while reducing the effectiveness of the others. This means a good chef will tailor their recipes to emphasize the specific Biles they wish to gain in their next Gluttony Session. Additionally if a Variable Recipe calls for more than one of the same type a raw ingredient, for instance Any Mushroom icon.png Any Mushrooms, a good chef will always use the SAME raw ingredients. Using more than one type of raw ingredient in a Variable Recipe will not emphasize any Bile at all!

How to Read Variable Recipes

All Variable Recipes resulting stats are listed in order of Blood, Phlegm, Yellow Bile, and Black Bile with the ingredients that emphasized those Biles to the left of the numbers. When there are multiple variable that emphasize the same Bile those ingredients are listed alphabetically. When an ingredient adds a more than a 1x bonus to a Bile that number is highlighted in the appropriate color. This means that you can quickly look for the color of the Bile you wish to gain and then use that to find the ingredient you need to obtain to make that happen. Generally the harder the food is to obtain the larger its bonus will be.

Variable Restore Ingredients

Some raw ingredients, such as Any Bellpeppers icon.png Any Bellpeppers or Any Garlic icon.png Any Garlic do not emphasize Biles, but instead add a particular Restore bonuses when used in that recipe. A small number of raw ingredients, such as Game Meat and Any Poultry Egg icon.png Any Poultry Egg, both emphasize a Bile AND add a Restore bonus. A good chef will use the appropriate Variable Restore Ingredients to increase the effectiveness of their next Gluttony Session.

Double Variable Recipes

Double Variable Recipes are recipes which uses 2x different variable raw ingredients which both emphasize their own Bile. These recipes can be particularly powerful Foods when matching both the raw ingredients to emphasize the SAME Bile.

How to Read Double Variable Recipes

Double Variable Recipes can be a bit tricky to figure out due to the sheer number of combinations. The easiest way to read these recipes to find ingredients that match is to look at the header at the top of each table which will list the 1st variable raw ingredient and also the Bile which it emphasizes. Because the table below is in Blood, Phlegm, Yellow Bile, Black Bile order, you can then look for the corresponding color in that table to find the 2nd raw ingredient that matches the first. This combinations will almost always be the highest possible.

Occasionally the first raw ingredient on the table below the header will be the same ingredient, this combination is only possible in some Foods when the recipe calls for more than one of the 2nd raw ingredient and you use two different raw ingredients rather than using the same ones. This is generally not the most efficient way to make these foods. If the recipe calls for more than one of the 1st raw ingredient combinations which mix these ingredients can be found in the very last table on the page. Occasionally instead of a Bile being stated in the header it will say “Bonus” in green. These are generally rare foods which match and emphasize all Biles. These can be great Foods to make if you have the raw ingredients but due to rarity are generally not combinations you will normally use.

Restore Food

To counter the fact that most Foods reduce the efficiency of other Foods in the same Food Group a good chef knows to mix in Restore Foods into their Gluttony Session when available. Restore Foods are Food which have the opposite effect and increase the efficiency of Food of the listed Food Group.

Food Group Major Restore Minor Restores Candies
Berries icon.png Berries Cranberry Sauce icon.png Cranberry Sauce Jalapeno icon.png Jalapeno
Bread icon.png Bread French Toast icon.png French Toast
Cabbage and Kale icon.png Cabbage and Kale Saurcraut icon.png Saurcraut
Crustacea and Shellfish icon.png Crustacea and Shellfish Peppered Seafood Medley icon.png Peppered Seafood Medley
Dairy Foods icon.png Dairy Foods N/A
Domesticated Meat icon.png Domesticated Meat N/A Argopelter Egg icon.png Argopelter Egg
Fishes icon.png Fishes Peppersauce Tuna icon.png Peppersauce Tuna
Fruits icon.png Fruits N/A N/A
Game Meat icon.png Game Meat Braised Beaver Brain icon.png Braised Beaver Brain Franklin Bar icon.png Franklin Bar
Maize icon.png Maize Corn Pudding icon.png Corn Pudding
Mushrooms icon.png Mushrooms Sweet Bambi icon.png Sweet Bambi
Nuts and Seeds icon.png Nuts and Seeds Sweet Walnut Crusted Fish icon.png Sweet Walnut Crusted Fish
Potato Foods icon.png Potato Foods Candied Yams icon.png Candied Yams
Poultry icon.png Poultry Farmer's Omelette icon.png Farmer's Omelette
Pumpkins and Gourds icon.png Pumpkins and Gourds Red October icon.png Red October
Slugs Bugs and Kritters icon.png Slugs Bugs and Kritters Grub De La Grub icon.png Grub De La Grub
Vegetables and Greens icon.png Vegetables and Greens Candied Oakworth Tart icon.png Candied Oakworth Tart