Mystery Weapon Chest

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Mystery Weapon Chest icon.png Mystery Weapon Chest
Skill(s) required: None
Object(s) required: None
Weight: unknown

Store Information

From the farthest reaches of the Silk Road to the slave pits of darkest Africa comes these exotic treasures. Hack and slash with style as your foes falter in their envy, giving you the moment necessary to strike them down.


Can be bought from the Salem Store for 4.99 USD.

Upon opening it, you have a chance of receiving one of the items below.

Package may contain:

As stated in the store, these weapons are purely cosmetic. They look awesome, but are no better in combat than those that can be crafted in the game.

Note that you can sharpen a store bought sword on a Whetstone to give it the same sort of Purity bonus you can have on a Spanish Sabre.