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After drinking from any container, you will receive a Quaffed & Quenched debuff. [[Image:Debuff_QnQ.png]]
#REDIRECT [[Drink]]
Each Sip adds 10 to the debuff.  A player can also Drink from a container, which will cause them to sip over and over again until the action is interrupted or the container is empty. 
The max possible amount for the Quaffed & Quenched debuff is 20,000, and it will not go down over time.  The way to reduce it is to have a Gluttony Session.  The amount of the [[Full and Fed Up]] debuff acquired during a session is the same as the amount the Quaffed & Quenched debuff is reduced.  For example, a Gluttony Session resulting in a Full & Fed Up number of 250 will reduce the Quaffed & Quenched debuff by 250, so it is necessary to manage food and drink carefully, especially at low humors when gluttony sessions tend to be smaller.

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