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About Bluestone

Joined Salem beta in July 6th 2012.

This is my wiki signature: Bluestone 07:39, 12 August 2012 (CDT)

Current Activity

Inactive in Salem and on the Salem wiki. As of this edit I am playing Guild Wars 2.

Bluestone's Contributions

Some of my bigger contributions wholly or in part:

Bluestone's Wiki To-do List

  • Replace old infoboxes on creatures pages with the new creaturebox.
  • Replace old infoboxes on skills pages with the new skillbox.
  • Fix proficiency pages to fit pull data from new skill page properties.
  • Convert food and inspirational pages to new modular infobox design. - Community has been doing this.


Templates needed; breakdown:

  • Creatures - Health, Skill to attack, Liftable?, If not liftable then what do you pick up?, What do you get from skinning/butchering? + random inspirationals.
  • Skills - What skills are required, what proficiencies are required, what does it unlock.
  • Structures - Hit points, Soak, objects required, skills required
    • Buildings & Utilities
    • Walls - objects required for: starting corner, segment, subsequent corner, gate.
  • Food & Inspirationals
    • Crafted - Food or Insp or both.
    • Not crafted - Food or Insp or both.
  • Materials & Tools.