Knife of Coyote

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Knife of Coyote icon.png Knife of Coyote
Skill(s) required:
Object(s) required:
Weight: 0.10


A Knife of Coyote icon.png Knife of Coyote is recieved by chance when Butchering a Wishpoosh icon.png Wishpoosh. The chance of receiving this item increases once you've learned the Viscera & Bits Skill. A Knife of Coyote can be carried in a Toolbelt, stored in a Wooden Toolbox icon.png Wooden Toolbox, or hung on a wall.

Knives and Butchering

Having a Knife equipped when Butchering or Skinning creatures will speed up the process, transfer Purity, and prevent the Insanity gained when Butchering by hand. When you finish Butchering any Creature it will leave a temporary Blood Splatter icon.png Blood Splatter behind.

Method Speed Gain Insanity? Notes
By Hand Slow Yes
Butcher Knife icon.png Butcher Knife Moderate No
Knife of Coyote icon.png Knife of Coyote Fast No
Hunting Knife icon.png Hunting Knife Fastest No Store bought.