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NOTE: At the moment (since 22. September 2016) there is an problem with DNS and connection to the server of Salem!

You can solve it temporary until JC can solve it permanent.

Update: John Carver let you know, that he is working on it.

Update 2: There is setup a second URL for the game: http://forum.salem.mortalmoments.com/

Update 3: The adress salemthegame.com is reachable again since 27. September 2016

You need to edit your local hostfile.
That is an file that can resolve Host/Domain names directly on your Computer instead on public DNS. It is secure to change it, and you can remove the changes after the public resolving of salemthegame.com is working again.

Where to find the local hostfile:

  • For Windows go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\
  • For Mac-User is it the directory /private/etc/
  • Linuxuser find the file in /etc/

Open the file "hosts" with an editor.

Add following lines: game.salemthegame.com login.salemthegame.com forum.salemthegame.com www.salemthegame.com

Save it.

Now you can login again in game and forum.

You got problems or it does not work?
If you got right problems, copy the file first to your Desktop, edit and save it and copy it again in the said directory.

If you save it with Wordpad or Notepad, it maybe set the file to hosts.txt, you need to remove the .txt after saving.
Some people let don't show extensions in windows. They have to turn them on to see if the hosts file has an .txt ending after saving.
You can turn them on if you open an explorer/folder window.
Then opening up tools -> folder options -> view tab -> and untick "hide extensions for known file types".

Modified Client by DarkNacht

for all people who have problems with editing the hosts file, to access temporary direct to salem.mortalmoments.com:


On this point, Special Thanks for all the help to the community

DarkNacht and lachlaan, you both are great!