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{{!}} 3 days
{{!}} 3 days
{{!}} '''Yes'''
{{!}} '''Yes'''
{{!}} Arson
{{!}} The act of burning down a Building.
{{!}} {{i|Arson}}
{{!}} ??? days
{{!}} ??? days
{{!}} ???
{{!}} Assault
{{!}} Assault

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Crime! icon.png Crime! is a debuff applied to any pilgrim committing Criminal Acts icon.png Criminal Acts on land protected by a Stake Claim icon.png Stake Claim or Town Bell icon.png Town Bell. So long as you are not committing more Crimes, which adds to the debuff, Crime! will slowly go away on its own, however it will disappear faster once you are approximately 100 tiles from the scene of the Crime.

The Crime! debuff prevents the regeneration of Humours, increases Humour drain from the Darkness icon.png Darkness, prevents you from using any forms of Fast Travel, and will cause you to leave Red Footprints.png Red Footprints which last for 1 hour. Additionally if you are Knocked Out while under the affects of the Crime! debuff on someone else's claim you will have to wait 24 hours to repawn at your Homestead unless you are Sent Home by the owner.

Criminal Acts

In order to commit most Crimes Criminal Acts icon.png Criminal Acts must be toggled on. Toggling it off prevents you from committing most Crimes.

NOTE: Certain Criminal Acts drain Black Bile when they are being committed. Criminality Artifact Bonus can be used to reduce this drain.

Acts of Crime

Crime Description Skill Required Evidence Left Scent Permanence Summonable?
Aggravated Assault The act of grievously injuring another pilgrim. The Rights of Englishmen icon.png The Rights of Englishmen Evidence Beatdown.png Evidence of Aggravated Assault 3 days Yes
Assault The act of initiating combat with another pilgrim. The Rights of Englishmen icon.png The Rights of Englishmen Scent icon.png Scents only 1 day No
Battery The act of Knocking Out another pilgrim.. The Rights of Englishmen icon.png The Rights of Englishmen Scent icon.png Scents only 3 days No
Debasement The act of crafting forged Silver Pieces. Debasement icon.png Debasement Evidence Forgery.png Evidence of Forgery 5 months Yes
Murder The act of murdering another pilgrim. The Story of Cain & Abel icon.png The Story of Cain & Abel Evidence Murder.png Evidence of Murder 16 days Yes
Poisoncraft The act of crafting poisoned items. Blowdarts icon.png Blowdarts Evidence Poisencraft.png Evidence of Poisoncraft 5 months Yes
Revenge The act of murdering a Criminal. Revenge icon.png Revenge Evidence Revenge.png Evidence of Revenge 9 days Yes
Theft The act of taking protected items. Larceny icon.png Larceny Evidence Theft.png Evidence of Larceny 9 days Yes
Trespassing The act of entering protected property. Trespassing icon.png Trespassing Scent icon.png Scents only 1 day No
Vandalism The act of destroying protected structures. Waste icon.png Waste Evidence Vandalism.png Evidence of Waste 11 days Yes
Witchcraft The act of Witchcraft is shrouded in mystery and secrecy. Witchcraft icon.png Witchcraft Evidence Witchcraft.png Evidence of Witchcraft 7 days Yes

Scents and Evidence

Whenever a Crime is commited it leaves a Scent icon.png Scent at the scene of the Crime. Togging on Tracking icon.png Tracking will allow you to see these Scents. Right-clicking a Scent and selecting "Gather Evidence" will gather Evidence of any Summonable Crime and give you 180 minutes of time which can be used to track the Criminal if they are online, the stolen item if there is one, or the Criminal's Homestead. Each additional Scent gathered will add an additional 180 minutes of tracking time. Scents will remain for a length of time relative to the severity of the Crime. Evidence lasts as long as the Scent does although it can also no longer be used if the Criminal is dead, or if that Criminal has already been placed in the Stocks for that same Crime. To check if the Criminal is dead, select your Evidence and right-click it on the ground.