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Inheritance is the means by which the descendant of your character can regain a measure of what was lost when their ancestor died.

How to Plan your Estate

If a character owns any pclaims, the ownership of the Stake Claims will be part of the Estate plan automatically with no effort on the player's part.

A player can also go to Mr. Morgan in Providence and 'Plan Estate' at any time. Mr. Morgan will quote a fee of no less than 25 Silver Pieces to plan the character's estate. Note that only current Humours and Proficiencies will be recorded, not future ones gained. Meaning, if your character advances, you must record your estate again to get the benefit of that advancement for your heirs.

There is also a Last Will & Testament available from the Salem Store, which automatically plans the player's estate at the time of death so that it is always fully up to date and no silver need be spent.

How to increase the value of Inheritance

If you recover the body you can build a grave for it and put flowers in the grave periodically, that will boost your proficiencies to what they were. See Burial Rights for more information.

How to Inherit

When a character dies, the next character created on that account will find a new NPC in London offering to give them their Inheritance.

The Inheritance includes transfer of ownership of any property (Stake Claims) owned by the ancestor, and 30% of the Humors and (maybe just 15%) Proficiencies that the ancestor had last time they planned their estate. If the ancestor decayed with Scalp intact, there is a 10% bonus, resulting in 40% recovery of Humors and Proficiencies.